Blues Fans…CALM DOWN!

I get on Twitter this morning to dive into the cesspool of overreaction regarding our boys in Blue. Boy my heavens did this put me in some type of angry mood! Losing 4 out of their last 5 is definitely not ideal, you just hate to see it. Blues fans everywhere are having a damn cow over the last few games and now are starting to throw shade at the wrong people. Fans are beginning to blame Head Coach Craig Berube, and calling for his head after the 2-1 loss to the LA Kings last night. What the hell are we doing here guys? “Chief” does not deserve this smoke, we must be forgetting that this man has gone 90-46-18 in his 3 years as the Blues bench boss. OH and brought us our first Stanley Cup in franchise history back in 2019.

Clearly the problems that surround the club have nothing to do with coaching, or even poor play, they are all tied to INJURIES. When you’re coaching an NHL squad, I would imagine the first thing on the coaches mind is “Please for the love of God, can my players just stay healthy?” Everything else after that can work itself out for the most part. What is Berube supposed to do when he is basically sending out a squad full of misfits and borderline taxi squad players? – No offense to the Sanfords, Sundqvists etc. of the team but let’s be honest, it’s not good enough- Injuries have plagued the team, no need to delve further into that than I already have, but it has become a huge issue that has to be taken care of until we get those guys back. Nothing has phased Chief to this point and I don’t believe this spell of bad luck will either. Quit getting so wrapped up in the moment of what’s happening right now and trying to come up with rash decisions and let Chief do what he does, BRING THIS TEAM BACK! We will get to where we need to be. If anything needs to be done, some trades could be made to make his job a bit easier, but with a strapped team salary cap, probably out of the cards to be honest (again not his problem). Use those Twitter fingers to type more positive solutions to the problem at hand, or better yet, LET THE BOYS FIGURE THIS OUT and we can bring another cup back to where it belongs. We love you Chief! LET’S GO BLUES

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