Will the State of Missouri Show Some love For the Battlehawks?

As the Kansas City Chiefs try to win the third Super Bowl in their franchise history on Sunday. The St. Louis Battlehawks will return after the 2020 XFL season stalled as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and when Vince McMahon filed for bankruptcy only to have Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Dany Garcia led a consortium to purchase the league for $15 million dollars on August of 2020.  St. Louis was home to two NFL franchises with the Cardinals from 1960-87 and the Rams from 1995-2015. Both of those franchises combined record was below .500 which the Cardinals made 3 playoff appearance losing all three while Rams, despite their five year success from 1999 to 2004 which the team went to two Super Bowl appearances which they won it all during the 1999 season. 

Historically the State of Missouri has been owned by the Kansas City Chiefs because of a stable ownership lead by the Hunt family which is owned by Clark Hunt. Despite a very long period in which the team didn’t win the Super Bowl in 50 years until the arrival of Patrick Mahomes when they won it during the 2019 season, the state of Missouri has been filled with billboards of the Kansas City Chiefs including in St. Louis County now that region no longer have an NFL team.  When St. Louis was awarded and XFL team on December 2018 there was excitement throughout the region thanks to former Battlehawks team President Kurt Hunzeker who went to local High School Football games by team selling merchandises and making appearances on local radio and televisions stations in St. Louis. In hoping to re-energies Battlehawks fans base the team hosted a Fan Fest on January 21 on the same day the Kansas City Chiefs played their home playoff opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Close to a thousand Football fans were in attendance during The Battlehawk’s Fan Fest event which players and the coach engaged with fans as they get ready for their season opener game on the road against the San Antonio Brahmas.  So, it looks very much that the return of the Battlehawks means the team have taken over much of the St. Louis region but, as far has gaining new football fans throughout the State of Missouri is a tough task to overtake because the XFL is still viewed as a quasi-Minor League football and should Chiefs beat the Eagles on Sunday for the Super Bowl title then it will be difficult reenergize fans to watch the Battlehawks if you’re living places like Springfield, Joplin, Jefferson City or Rolla, Missouri. So, the hope for the Battlehawks in this addition to the XFL is for the team to win the League Championship. The good news is The Battlehawks home opener against the Arlington Renegades is expected to be a sellout so that’s a very good start and good impression for Football in the Eastern Region in Missouri. But, winning the League Championship would add something unique in St. Louis which would have both Super Bowl title that was won by the Rams and XFL title won by the Battlehawks.

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  1. No offense but it’s minor league football. We just had 7 months of exciting, winning BIG LEAGUE football. Let us have a breather before baseball starts. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

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