Bray Wyatt showed the world just how precious life truly is

Less than 24 hours removed from Bray Wyatt‘s sudden passing, and I’m still in shock. In disbelief. And somewhat in denial.

He was getting better. He was cleared to return. He was primed to come back.

And then it all stopped. Time stopped, the world stopped… our hearts stopped. Because at just 36 years old, Wyatt passed away. Triple H tweeted it out and left everyone stunned. We wondered if it was real, if his account was hacked or not. And when it was made clear without any doubt that he was gone… the tears started falling.

Bray Wyatt had been on hiatus since late February due to illness, and there were recent reports of him nearing a return with creative plans in the works.

Wyatt achieved the pinnacle of WWE success, becoming a one-time WWE Champion and a two-time holder of the WWE Universal Championship. His rise to prominence was marked by his leadership of The Wyatt Family, a faction that included notable members such as Erick Rowan, Luke Harper (also known as Brodie Lee, who tragically passed away in 2020), and Braun Strowman. He would go on to debut his singles career as “The Fiend”.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reported that Wyatt had contracted COVID-19 earlier in the year, which worsened his preexisting heart problems.There had been discussions within the WWE about Wyatt’s potential return, as his health had shown signs of improvement.

However, Sapp revealed that Rotunda ultimately suffered a heart attack, leading to his untimely passing.

In the hours since his passing, his merchandise sales have skyrocketed, viewership of his matches have been off the charts, in every gut-wrenching and heart pounding promo he ever cut has added emotional weight to it.

His feuds with The Undertaker, John Cena, Kane, The Dudley Boyz, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, and so many others helped him become a household name in professional wrestling. He was a star among stars, and we as fans took it for granted. No one expected him to pass at 36 years old. None of us, even after Brodie died, thought this was how the story of Wyatt was going to end.

He inspired millions, myself included, by overcoming the mental health hell that he had gone through. It’s a journey many struggle to get out of, but he got out of it. And he didn’t just get out of it, he looked great in the process. His promos after he returned to WWE last year were playing non-stop last night. The ovations given to him by the crowd, and while it’s been 7 months since what eventually became his last televised match, his legacy continues to be everlasting.

Bray Wyatt showed us just how precious life truly is, Because he was more than just an amazing wrestler in his short life. He was a devoted husband and father, a brother and friend, and a joy to have in the locker room. There was never anybody like him before, and there will never be another like him again.

And while he was taken from us way too soon, his memories will never truly fade away.

Thank you, Bray. For everything.

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