The ballad of the lapsed wrestling fan

Wrestling fans in general can be divided into two groups: the hardcore fans who watch every single week without fail and have for years; and the casual fans who watch only when they are interested in a particular storyline or match. There is however, another group of fans that is often ignored: the lapsed wrestling fan. These are the fans who used to watch but don’tactively watch anymore. Every lapsed fan has their own reasons for leaving the fandom: a lack of interest in the current product, dissatisfaction with the business relationships of wrestling companies, or even something as simple as inability to view the product due to availability. These fans might still check in with their wrestling friends when something makes the news, or even check out a YouTube clip of a particularly big moment, but for the most part these fans have checked out of the industry all together. With wrestling ratings a fraction of what they once were, the major companies would desperately love to get these fans back. The question remains, what exactly do they have to do? Should they return to the kind of racy storylines of the “attitude era”; or the cartoon type characters of the 80s and early 90s? Would a brand new path be the key? New and different storylines like we’ve never seen before? Join us this Sunday at 6:00pm CDT across all 1-70 Sports Media social platforms on “Issues with Wrestling” as we break down what the wrestling industry needs to do to earn back these fans.

Photo Credit: WWE

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