The financial genius known as Chase Daniel

Chase Daniel manages the world of the NFL like no one else does.

In his 13-year career, Daniel has thrown for 1,694 yards, 8 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.

He was a Super Bowl champion his rookie season as a member of the New Orleans Saints, which coincidentally, was the only season in which he did not play in a single game. Daniel has served as the backup for Washington, New Orleans, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit and now, the Los Angeles Chargers.

Daniel has earned $40 million and thrown 8 touchdowns during his 13-year NFL career. That’s $5 million for each TD. He’s earned over $128k per pass attempt in his career. He has only started five games over his career, which makes for a lot of money without much activity over that span.

When it comes to sports business, Daniel is at the top.

During the time that he was a backup with the Chicago Bears, Daniel made it clear that while he was eager to play, he knew his role.

“There is no question about it but at the same time Mitch Trubisky is the starter and my job is to support him and him get ready however that is,” Daniel said. “The second I lose that fire in me that wants to play, that’s the day I should probably quit. But that fire burns brighter than ever. “When I did play (last season in starts against the Lions and Giants), it really stoked that fire. It gave me all the confidence in the world. My body feels the best it ever has. I’m only 32.”

Daniel is the ideal NFL backup. He’s a good guy. He’s a pro who doesn’t complain, and he’s been the backup to future stars and future Hall of Famers.

He’ll make $2.5 million to be Justin Herbert’s backup next season.


  1. Man I admire that dude,I watched him take our Mizzou Tigers to the sec championship,and he never balled or, scowled like a baby when they got beat by Auburn,I think it’s Cool to watch him come into a game and play like he had been they first string quarterback all season,but damn wouldn’t u love to have his job goes to the sidelines and leaves them feeling as good as he did when the game started,and man all that money my friends is great,he is about like the kronkies as such,let someone build you an impire and u enjoy the riches,give I’m hell Chase

  2. You dont know Mizzou football Chase never played in the SEC. He played in the big 12 Championship win Mizzou was in the North Div. Get it right

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