Farewell to Arrowhead Stadium?

Could the Kansas City Chiefs be bidding adieu to Arrowhead?

Quite possibly.

According to a tweet from Kevin Clark, host of the Ringer NFL show, Chiefs President Mark Donovan said the team has been approached by developers and has considered new options which has included, but hasn’t been limited to, moving into the state of Kansas.

Clark wrote, “when asked…about potential new stadium options, [Donovan] said the team has considered options in the state of Kansas. They like the Arrowhead legacy of Lamar Hunt‘s stadium, but have been pitched by Kansas developers on a bunch of options. Something to watch.”

This is going to get very complicated. After all, the war between Kansas and Missouri has resulted in a number of business-related moves from state to state. And Missouri has fought for years to remind the rest of the country that the legendary Kansas City, with the landmarks, sports teams, and prestige, is not actually in Kansas.

Plus, losing the St. Louis Rams years ago was already heartbreaking enough for the Missouri sports conglomerate.

Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Quinton Lucas says no, in a response to Clark.

“Kansas City has proudly hosted the Chiefs since the early 1960s,” Lucas said in a tweet. “We look forward to looking with the Chiefs, our state of Missouri partners, and local officials to ensure the Chiefs remain home in Kansas City and Missouri for generations to come.”

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Royals are working on potentially having a new stadium in downtown Kansas City, on the Missouri side of course. One way or another, the iconic site of having two stadiums next to each other seems like its on borrowed time.


  1. Arrowhead stadium is in a good place. It is nice to see when I travel to Arkansas, Texas or any other southwestern state. It is for us proud K.C. chief fans.

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