Birds of a Different Feather, Fly Together

It was certainly a night to remember Wednesday night at Busch Stadium. Longtime teammates, friends, and “hermanos,” made history by a starting battery; by breaking a record set by Detroit Tigers greats Mickey Lolich and Bill Freehan. Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright set their own mark at 325 starts. This record is most likely not done being extended this season, as a possible three more starts may come. In my humble opinion, this is a record that will never be approached or broken. The closest battery to the 325 starts number is Kyle Hendricks and Wilson Contreras, they have a collective 105 starts.

If you tune into Roundabout Sports, with myself and Jeremy Karp, you heard me say that this record will be one that is never broken. Why, might you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. Free agency and trades happen so often in today’s game, it makes it hard to maintain a constant pitcher/catcher duo. Money is king. Wilson Contreras will most likely be in a uniform other than that of the Chicago Cubs next season. That there would stop or at the very least pause that previous mentioned number of 105. Injuries and the long grind of a 162 game season would make this record untouchable as well. We baby our athletes now, load management and scheduled days off are a must in today’s game. Yadier Molina has played through an uncanny amount of bumps, bruises, knee problems, and even exhaustion to show his durability. Adam Wainwright had to virtually reinvent himself as a starting pitcher. Many, including myself, thought Waino was done three years ago after a start in San Diego.

It has been a storybook finish for these two future Cardinal, and in Yadi’s case Baseball Hall of Fame players. They have become much more than just teammates; they’ve become brothers. Sports, baseball specifically, brought these two men together. What started as a dream for both players, became reality. Sports brought them together, one from Puerto Rico, one from a small town in Southeastern Georgia. They’ve been through it all, and done so together. They faced a pandemic, and continued greatness. They’ve dealt with heartbreak together, losing the 2013 World Series to the Boston Red Sox. They’ve watched each other struggle to maintain their craft. They’ve battled together. They’ve cried together, and on a beautiful night In September at Busch Stadium, they flew together for the 325th time; beating the Milwaukee Brewers 4-1.

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