The endless debate over wrestling’s Mt. Rushmore

Who gets on the Mt. Rushmore of wrestling? It’s a debate that has raged for generations in the wrestling fandom. But, for some the debate raises many questions. Can a modern fan truly understand and appreciate the contributions of Lou Thez, George Hackenschmidt, and Gorgeous George having never seen them work? Do modern fans place too much emphasis on modern wrestling? Is it even fair to compare eras of wrestling?  Should men and women be included on the same list? Should tag teams or factions get a place due to their impact and or importance in the industry? With so many variables it’s almost impossible to narrow down a list to just four names……so we won’t. Join us this Sunday at 6pm CST across all Interstate 70 Sports Media social pages for “Issues with Wrestling” as we build MULTIPLE Mt. Rushmores of wrestling. 
Photo Credit: Google Images

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