Stephanie McMahon Teases WWE Getting Into The World Of Boxing

WWE has always been a wrestling organization. But what if… boxing became involved?

In a speech at the 6th annual Wells Fargo TMT Summit, WWE co-CEO Stephanie McMahon revealed that WWE has considered replicating its model for the world of professional boxing.

“Who’s the lineal champion? Who’s the WBC champion? Who’s the this — it’s kind of it’s all over the place,” McMahon said.

“My father, Vince McMahon, who was the Chairman and CEO, obviously had the opportunity to roll up all of those different territories and create one major brand in WWE that is now gone from a regional, territorial content play to a global media franchise,” she said.

Now, there may be a time to “replicate” what Vince McMahon did in the coming months and years in a new industry. “Boxing being an idea of one of them,” she said.

Let us know below what you think about WWE possibly replicating professional boxing.

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