Wrestling’s generational gap.

The generational gap has become a catch all term in recent years to describe the differences of opinion between age groups. It’s said that boomers, gen x, millennials and gen z just see the world differently, and the same is true in wrestling. Gen x and elder millennials were the last generation of fans to live under the blanket of kayfabe and that makes many of them yearn for the days of old when wrestlers stayed in character 24/7 and the sport was presented in a more realistic manner. Younger millennials and gen z never knew an age when wrestling pretended it was anything but entertainment. This makes most people in this age group more open to some of the more outlandish storylines sometimes seen in wrestling. They also don’t expect wrestlers to be “in gimmick” outside of the ring. The wrestling industry has evolved a great deal over the decades and while a lot of fans have stayed with it over the years, some found the changing landscape too much to follow and found other forms of entertainment. Join us tonight (7/09/23)  on “Issues with Wrestling” as we discuss the generational gap in professional wrestling. 
Image credit: WWE

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