Kroenke ponders cowering in fear

You smell that, St. Louis?

That’s the smell of fear.

Stan Kroenke fears the city he stabbed in the back five years ago.

And he has every reason to.

The disgraced Los Angeles Rams owner might be trying to back away from his promise to cover tens of millions of dollars in legal expenses related to his team’s 2016 departure from St. Louis, and as a result, infuriated many NFL owners when they learned of it Tuesday, sources told ESPN.

According to NFL general counsel Jeff Pash, during the owners’ first in-person meeting since December 2019, stunned many in the room, according to accounts from people who were there and others. It was a shocking thought process of a man who has spent years trying to maintain silence for his crimes.

Things have hardly gotten better for Kroenke and the NFL. In fact, they’ve only gotten worse. This past summer, St. Louis Circuit Judge Christopher McGraugh ordered Kroenke and five other owners to provide financial records to help a jury determine potential damages. Earlier in October, McGraugh fined Clark Hunt of the Kansas City Chiefs, John Mara of the New York Giants, Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots and, to no one’s surprise, Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys for failing to provide full records. Kroenke has been footing almost all the bills.

And among all of this lies the most impressive feat: Kroenke has spent four years paying for legal fees for the owners, just to keep them happy. Now, suddenly almost all of the other 31 owners have turned against him.

As a former ST. LOUIS Rams fan… it’s a lovely sight to see.

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