More details about Keith Lee’s final weeks in WWE

Keith Lee‘s nickname being changed to Bearcat in WWE led some fans to believe Lee had come up with the nickname himself and wanted to represent it.

However, when a fan on social media said something about this theory, Lee replied to the fan and said “No. It was not. Lol.”

Lee was one of the many WWE stars released this past Thursday, and is the fifth former NXT Champion since 2017 to be released this year, joining Andrade, Adam Cole, Samoa Joe, and Karion Kross.

Meanwhile, more details have been revealed about Lee’s final weeks in WWE.

Wade Keller of PWTorch reported that Lee was frustrated with WWE prior to his release from the company last Thursday.

On the PWTorch VIP audio show, Keller said that he heard from people backstage in WWE that Lee was frustrated and some believed he had attitude issues, which may well have contributed to his release as well:

“Keith Lee, who I have chronicled for months and months and months and months and months, was somebody that even people that were rooting for him behind the scenes, became frustrated with him”

He just had, in general, attitude issues or, as one wrestler told me tonight, perceived attitude issues. Hedging a little bit, others have said outright attitude problems and he just was frustrated. I’ve heard different things about him in terms of his mood being altered way more than it should in the modern era about being asked to do a job.”

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