Tony Khan feels WWE contracts are “temporary arrangements”

AEW President Tony Khan recently joined Busted Open Radio this week and was asked about the recent WWE releases over the past week, and he believes wrestlers signing with WWE nowadays is more of a temporary arrangement, especially compared to AEW.

Here is what he said:

“Anyone who signs a contract (in WWE) these days, is not signing a real contract. It’s a temporary arrangement. People who come wrestle with me, a lot of these people are frankly lifers and they know that. There are some people who are here, who work really hard and there are some people who come in and work more than really hard and I feel like is their actual life and will be with me for the rest of my life. I don’t know if everybody who works for my competition can say that. I think there are people who work there and they aren’t sure they will be there next week.

“There is a lot more security with a contract here. I can’t say I’m going to extend every contract or bring every person back, but I also haven’t been doing mass layoffs. I’m not the most profitable company of all time, I don’t brag about being the most profitable company of all time. I do brag about bringing in a lot of revenue for a start up and being a real success story.

“What I will brag about is we haven’t been doing mass layoffs and we haven’t fired 15 people last week or 18 people the week before that. It’s not something to be proud of when a company lets all those people go and you’re putting press releases out like that frequently, I don’t think it’s a good thing. I don’t want to make light of that kind of thing ever.

“When you talk about a bidding war, each person is their own individual case and there may be multiple people coming for his services, but we’ve seen most of the talent going in one direction and, I think that’s for a variety of reasons, but I’ve been very selective in the people I’ve signed and every time there has been a mass layoff on the other side it’s terrible and I can’t say I would be able to take on every one of these people.

“I take a lot of pride in all the people that work here and I know that not everyone is going to work here forever, but if somebody is not going to work here, please know that I’m going to feel really bad about it. That’s one of the reasons why we haven’t let a lot of people go yet and I’ve eaten some of those costs, especially through the pandemic when there was really no where else to get work in wrestling.”

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