HISTORY MADE! St. Louis CITY SC makes MLS history as they move to 4-0!

It’s never happened before in MLS history… until now.

St. Louis CITY SC hosted the San Jose Earthquakes at 7:30 p.m. CT Saturday for the second home game in franchise history. The temperature was in the 20s, and the windchill for the game was barely into double-digits.

But the loyalty of the fanbase for their team didn’t stop them from braving the conditions.

St. Louis won its first three matches, including its inaugural-season home opener two weeks ago, defying all odds put against them.

And with their victory on Saturday night, CITY SC becomes the FIRST team in MLS history to win their first four games in their existence. They are also just the fifth team in MLS (non-shootout) history to start the season with four straight wins.

The Cinderella season continues for CITY SC.

Niko Giocchini, Klauss and Tomas Ostrak all scored for CITY SC. And goalie Roman Burki backs St. Louis CITY SC to its first clean sheet.

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