Wrestling with laughter

There has been a recent stigma placed upon “comedy wrestling”. The likes of famed manager and commentator Jim Cornette will often say “funny doesn’t equal money”, but how true is that? And honestly was it ever? While the top of the card may be reserved for the biggest, most high profile matches, there have been several examples of comedy acts finding a groove and working their way into prominent spots on the card. In the early days of wrestling, acts like Antonino Rocca would have moments of levity in their matches, including Rocca (a trained dancer) incorporating flamboyant dance moves much to the delight of the crowds and the frustration of his opponents. In the early 80’s, arguably the most famous comedian in the world at the time, Andy Kaufman, stepped into the wrestling world and made national headlines working with Jerry “The King” Lawler. The once rough and tumble “Hacksaw” Jim Dugan found his highest fame once he picked up a 2 x 4, crossed his eyes, stuck out his tongue and bellowed HOOOOOOO to excited crowds all over the world. Santino Marella spent years in WWE winning multiple championships all while playing a bumbling fool with a sock on his hand painted like a cobra. Orange Cassidy and Danhausen parlayed their success on the independents as a comically lazy wrestler and a friendly ghoul into contracts with AEW. So while acts that aim to tickle the funny bone might never be seen as world championship contenders, they absolutely have a place in the world of pro wrestling. Join us this Sunday at 6pm CDT on “Issues with Wrestling” as we discuss the history and importance of comedic wrestling.

Image credit: WWE

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