The allure of wrestling figure collecting

 Inevitably when something becomes popular enough, there is an associated toy line that comes along with it and for decades wrestling toys have been a hot commodity. With a built-in market of millions of loyal fans, wrestling figures  are some of the most evergreen items you can find in the toy section, rivaled only by classics like GI Joe and Barbie. Unlike other toy brands, MANY different manufacturers have produced wrestling products over the years. The current lines available from Mattel (WWE) and Jazwares (AEW) are just the latest in a long line of manufacturers to enter the field. Previous lines were produced by such names as Hasbro, Jakks, Marvel, Remco, LJN and Galoob. Also unlike a lot of other toy lines, kids aren’t necessarily the target market for these products. Walk into any wrestling section of a toy aisle and you’ll see plenty of adults pawing through the figures to find their favorites. This phenomenon isn’t even limited to wrestling fans. Wrestlers such as Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder during his time in WWE) have made secondary careers from buying and selling wrestling action figures. The mark up on these toys is sometimes the biggest appeal to collectors. Some figures can double or even triple in value after only being on the shelf for a few months. Join us tonight (7/23/23) at 6:00pm on Issues with Wrestling as we discuss the allure of wrestling collectibles. 

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